Newborn Studio Session - Claire

 Will you just look at this sweetheart?


Claire had a mix of posed and lifestyle. Don't forget we can always work on customized package that works for you. Click through the gallery below for more from her session. I had a really hard time narrowing it down to the highlights!

Neon Light - Portrait Session

Have I told you I love creative portraits? On my home page I say that if you come to me with a creative idea that I haven't tried before, you just may luck into a discount! If you are hesitant because you don't want to 'waste' a session with themed photos, don't worry, I work in some non - themed ("normal") ones as well. 

On to the session! Since it needed to be somewhat dark for the neon lights, we did some fun photos in my studio window and on the studio couch. I think they turned out pretty great!

As soon as the sun started going down, we started doing out neon light pictures. 


Did you notice the GRL PWR reflection? 

Once again, come to me with your creativity.

Isla's Lifestyle Session - In Studio! + lifestyle session advice!

With my first (and second) kid, I really toyed with the idea of doing a lifestyle session. I just really love those candid photos! Two things held me back.

1 - I also really wanted the posed newborn photos.

2 - My house. I had never gotten around to decorating it the way I wanted. It was pretty dingy and had the world's smallest windows. Plus who really wants to have to worry about having the house clean for a photographer? 

The first is easy to address - If you would like a mix of both, let me know and I can create a custom package for you! I totally understand what it's like to want both.

Next, if you are holding back for any reason I listed (or maybe something I didn't) there are so many solutions! If you truly don't want to do it at your place, ask a relative or friend if you can use theirs, or as you will see below, come do it in my studio! I have a couple different setups for a lifestyle session. If you are worried about cleaning, please don't. I've been a new mom and I know what's going on at this stage. If anything, I can help you move some things off night stands or dresser tops to get those nice minimalist images, and then put everything back. 

Truly don't be afraid to ask for the photo shoot you want. This is your investment, and I want to help you make it happen!

Now on to the session! Baby Isla's parents really wanted a lifestyle session, but not in home. So we did it in my studio! I must say, I think they turned out wonderfully. Click on the photos to scroll through!

This was one spunky little 11 day old and I had so much fun with her session!


Newborn Styling Consultation - What to Expect

Hey all! I've been meaning to post pictures of the studio, but it's in chaos as I've had several newborn sessions in a row. 

Instead I'll talk about what you can expect from a newborn consultation - truth be told, there's not too much to it. 

First I go over any colors you would like to see in your shoot - any bright tones and also what sorts of neutrals you would like to see - greys, whites, beiges. These can be incorporated in a number of ways. 

Next I will ask if you would like any props in your shoot aside from the usual wraps, bonnets, and baskets. Does your family love a certain sport? Character? Tv show? We can definitely work that into the session. If you also have an heirloom item you would like to see in the photos let me know that as well. (mom's veil, a special blanket, etc)

 Lastly I go over which setups you would like. Depending which package you chose, it can range anywhere from 2-5 setups. (also depending on baby's mood!) I don't count family and sibling shots as a setup, they are included, but please do inform me if there are siblings and their age. 

That's it! Not too hard, eh? For lifestyle and fresh 48 newborn sessions, there's not really any styling involved so we skip the consultation on those, but I do have information packets to send to you so you don't feel completely in the dark. Do you think anything else should be covered? Let me know!


Newborn Session: Victoria

I had baby Victoria in the studio last weekend, and she was a dream! She also brought in her brother, who was pretty fascinated with the whole photography process. (and the heater, and the light fixtures lol!) A very curious 18 month old!

Parent and sibling shots are included in whatever package you choose, and do not count towards your total setups. Also, remember we will go over what you would like to see in your shoot. All tailored for you!


Lemonade Minis!

Happy to announce that I am finally booking for this summer's mini session: Lemonade Stand!

Sessions will be held July 21 and July 28 4PM-8PM in Brampton. It's a 20 minute session with 15 digital images for $75. Book now because it's first come first serve! These mini sessions also count for the referral program and customer loyalty program!*


PS - I owe you guys some studio photos. I've been pretty busy with newborn sessions this past week!


*Referral program - refer 3 friends and get 50% off your next session. Make sure they give your name!

Customer Loyalty program - Book 3 sessions with Mint Photography, and get the fourth session free! (up to $150 value)


Exciting things are happening at Mint Photography! I will be posting a tour of my photography studio sometime this week so be on the lookout! 

As you may know, the studio is relatively new. I began working doing outdoor sessions, and on-location sessions, but I've since moved and now have a studio space. Be sure to follow me on instagram so you can catch the sneak peek! 


Stay tuned for the after!

Also coming sometime in the next two weeks are my summer mini-sessions. Be on the lookout for the promo. 

Hint: What was the easiest way to make money as a kid? 

Portrait Session - Lara featuring smoke grenades!

Before I introduce the beautiful Lara, let's talk about you! Lots of people book a photography session for a big event in life - newborn, graduation, engagements - but very few book 'just because'. OR maybe you want to book a session but are always waiting for the right conditions. 

Right conditions or not, you'll never be in this moment again. So go ahead and treat yourself, or grab mom, dad, or your best friend, you won't ever regret having the moment captured now. Be on the lookout for mini sessions throughout the year for some great deals!

Now on to Lara. She booked a session for her birthday, and we had a blast!


I'd like to mention how COLD it was, but she was a trooper. You can't even tell it was cold! For her session, we got to incorporate a few different things - balloons (birthday) and smoke grenades (for fun!)

Such a fun session! If you would like to add different things to your shoot, just let me know, and I'll try my best to make it happen. 


Please note that some props are subject to an additional charge. Contact me for details.

Newborn Session - Laszlo

I'll be posting a mix of things for a while, current sessions, and also sessions that I need to catch up on!

This is little newborn Laszlo. A tiny 6lbs!


He was WIDE AWAKE for the first two hours of the shoot. The good news is newborns are cute sleeping or awake. (Just a tad bit harder to pose)


Parents - don't stress if your little one doesn't "behave" perfectly. I take the time to make sure baby feels safe and comfortable. Besides, as I said above, awake newborns are just as cute!

This little man was such a sweetheart, with a huge personality. Hope to see you again in the future baby Las!


I'll start by saying, I'm sorry for my absence. I completely vanished with no explanation, and I had very little intent on explaining or even coming back. Not this soon. 

On December 14, 2017 I got called into my doctor's office, and being summoned to your doctor's office at 21 weeks pregnant can never be a good thing. I was informed that pictures from my anatomy scan showed some concerned, and I would be sent to a hospital with much better technology. My husband and I were devastated, but hopeful. 

Those scans confirmed what was suspected: severe brain abnormalities, and our son's head had stopped growing. We were given the option to terminate, or continue the pregnancy knowing he would die either in utero or once he was born. To say the decision was agonizing is a gross understatement. 

Our son was "born" January 2, 2018 at 23 weeks. 

These past few months have been very hard for my little family. I'm not entirely sure why I'm writing this out. I'm an extremely private person, and having to announce this to our friends and families was torturous. Loss like this isn't particularly talked about. It's the same with infertility. Your grief is valid, and my thoughts are with you. 

I kept saying I'd try to get back on track after his due date, April 28. It took a little longer than expected, but here I am. 

Love you Marlo.