Portrait Session - Lara featuring smoke grenades!

Before I introduce the beautiful Lara, let's talk about you! Lots of people book a photography session for a big event in life - newborn, graduation, engagements - but very few book 'just because'. OR maybe you want to book a session but are always waiting for the right conditions. 

Right conditions or not, you'll never be in this moment again. So go ahead and treat yourself, or grab mom, dad, or your best friend, you won't ever regret having the moment captured now. Be on the lookout for mini sessions throughout the year for some great deals!

Now on to Lara. She booked a session for her birthday, and we had a blast!


I'd like to mention how COLD it was, but she was a trooper. You can't even tell it was cold! For her session, we got to incorporate a few different things - balloons (birthday) and smoke grenades (for fun!)

Such a fun session! If you would like to add different things to your shoot, just let me know, and I'll try my best to make it happen. 


Please note that some props are subject to an additional charge. Contact me for details.

Portrait Session: Blog Portraits

I had the privilege of working with Huda (@yourstrulyhuda). She's runs a lifestyle blog - so go check her out! (yourstrulyhuda.com)


She's stunning right? And not to mention, super nice and easy to work with! Check out some of these poses :)


Pretttty sure I only had to say 'turn a little this way' a few times. 

Don't let this keep you from getting pictures though. I have no problem directing, although most people just need a little warm up time to get into it. 

Unless of course you are like me and have no idea what to do in front of the camera. Don't worry! I feel you, and I am there to guide you.


Such a wonderful shoot, with a wonderful lady. Plus I LOVE the fall vibes. 

Because in my personal opinion, fall in the best season.