Little Prince Julius

You may have noticed I am a bit behind on the blog, so I will now be trying to play catch up on all the wonderful sessions I’ve had.

Meet Mr. Julius


He was such a little sweetheart. And about a month old! He slept like a log…pretty unheard of for that age :) Click through the slideshow below to see more photos!

Fresh 48: Sweetest Babe

When you hire a photographer, usually there will be a waiver to sign. In short they say something like all images belong to the photographer, they reserve the right to use the images to promote their business or however they need, and (usually) you have bought the right to print and share the images. 

Don't be afraid to ask exactly how your pictures will be used, and communicate what you are comfortable with. I can tell you exactly how I use the photographs I take - I usually select a few of my favorites from the session, add them to my portfolio and make a blog post about them! I may print some photos to display in my studio, but I do usually let you know about that. 

I will not share photos that have any of your information in the photos. (which usually only comes about in fresh 48 hospital sessions) If you are really uncomfortable with certain photos being displayed, just let me know! I will do my best to accommodate you and find some photos that work for us both to put on display. 

That said, I photographed this little sweetheart recently.


Her parents had those exact questions from above. Which is good! You should know exactly what you are getting, and how your photos will be used. 


They were the sweetest little family. Have I said how much I love Fresh 48 sessions?

Fresh 48: Staci

This little lady decided her birthdate, as mom had a scheduled c-section, but she came the day before!


Fresh 48 sessions are some of my favorite to shoot. There's something about a new baby, and the quiet of the hospital room. I also love watching parents interacting with their newest family member. Whether it's the first child, or the fourth, there's so much love and tenderness. 


I was also lucky enough to shoot Staci's maternity shoot about a month ago. (you can check out the blog post about four posts back)


This girl has lots of cousins ready to shower her with some love too! (Don't be shy about getting siblings or other family members into your shoot.) 

Portrait Session: Blog Portraits

I had the privilege of working with Huda (@yourstrulyhuda). She's runs a lifestyle blog - so go check her out! (


She's stunning right? And not to mention, super nice and easy to work with! Check out some of these poses :)


Pretttty sure I only had to say 'turn a little this way' a few times. 

Don't let this keep you from getting pictures though. I have no problem directing, although most people just need a little warm up time to get into it. 

Unless of course you are like me and have no idea what to do in front of the camera. Don't worry! I feel you, and I am there to guide you.


Such a wonderful shoot, with a wonderful lady. Plus I LOVE the fall vibes. 

Because in my personal opinion, fall in the best season.