Isla's Lifestyle Session - In Studio! + lifestyle session advice!

With my first (and second) kid, I really toyed with the idea of doing a lifestyle session. I just really love those candid photos! Two things held me back.

1 - I also really wanted the posed newborn photos.

2 - My house. I had never gotten around to decorating it the way I wanted. It was pretty dingy and had the world's smallest windows. Plus who really wants to have to worry about having the house clean for a photographer? 

The first is easy to address - If you would like a mix of both, let me know and I can create a custom package for you! I totally understand what it's like to want both.

Next, if you are holding back for any reason I listed (or maybe something I didn't) there are so many solutions! If you truly don't want to do it at your place, ask a relative or friend if you can use theirs, or as you will see below, come do it in my studio! I have a couple different setups for a lifestyle session. If you are worried about cleaning, please don't. I've been a new mom and I know what's going on at this stage. If anything, I can help you move some things off night stands or dresser tops to get those nice minimalist images, and then put everything back. 

Truly don't be afraid to ask for the photo shoot you want. This is your investment, and I want to help you make it happen!

Now on to the session! Baby Isla's parents really wanted a lifestyle session, but not in home. So we did it in my studio! I must say, I think they turned out wonderfully. Click on the photos to scroll through!

This was one spunky little 11 day old and I had so much fun with her session!