Social Media: Blog Session

A blog session? What's that? 

Blogs are pretty mainstream these days, and in the tech savvy world we live in, it's easy to see why. From networking, to advertising, to creating awareness, to connecting with like-minded people - it's never been easier for people to use a creative outlet like blogs (and vlogs!) to do just that. 

So here we introduce the social media session. You have great content for your blog (or other outlet) but need some awesome pictures to go with it. Some photographers are now offering social media packages. Since there are usually multiple sessions involved - weekly, bi-weekly - they come at discounted prices. So take advantage of them! 

This is Nicole! Doing a shoot for her fashion blog, 

This is Nicole! Doing a shoot for her fashion blog, 

Social media packages are not just limited to blogs, but are also great for instagram, and headshots for vloggers. Really anything that involves social media. 

A tip from me: get all of the social media gurus you know together, and do a session on the same day. The photographer won't have to travel back and forth, and could probably even offer some type of large group discount!